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All my posts seem so serious. I feel like I have to be a serious serious in every single one. Ah, how I haven’t written in forever. WELL IT FEELS LIKE FOREVER. Just a random rant, would be beautiful. Words come forth from my brain cells and travel to my fingertips to be inputted on the wonderfully dangerous thing called the internet. I don’t know why I don’t just write when I FEEL like writing. I need to stop repressing these writing urges. Because I like to write. I like to express. I don’t care. I like it. And that is the way life is. 

Ah people people people, I care about people but I’m sick and tired of talking about people this year. Well not actually talking about people but writing about people and interactions with people. Things go right. Things go wrong. People treat you good. People treat you bad. Nothing more. Nothing less. You have to move on with your life. Don’t dwell on why someone does this or why someone does that. It’s there life. They should know why. Anyway gonna go the sister is approaching.

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Life is intense. Well it sure feels like it is now. I mean I’ve finished my exams but I’ve made myself real busy, well I want to do a lot of things. It’s crazy. I so need to clean my room though. It can’t be messy like this. I just want it to be clean and things in there place so I can relax completely when I am in my room. Does that make sense? Decluttering your surroundings declutters your mind ya know? I regret not writing this year. Writings refreshing. Especially when you have those bursts of creativity. 

Anyway. My mind was elsewhere this year. It’s silly. But now I’m back on track to making a better me. This summer I want to go over my first year syllabus, read more non fiction books, expand my mind, exercise and improve my strength and flexibility, get a full driving license, and get my Arabic and Spanish studies going, I also want to learn coding. I think I might put off coding. I’ll have to see if I can fit it in. 

I don’t feel like watching many shows anymore. I just wanna do things get things done. You know? Feeling like I accomplished something that day. 

My first year in university wasn’t the best. Socially and academically. Not the best at all. If I reach second year I will definitely change some things, get out of my comfort zone. Do more things. Stay on top of things. That sort of thing. For now…I’ll get the things I want to do this summer done. Life goes fast, the years gone. If you want to do things you just got to do them. It’ll probably be hard to find a good time to start something so I’m just gonna try and squash everything together. I really want to go gym again. I haven’t been for a couple of weeks :/ I miss it. I will be going on Sunday. 

Another thing I’m doing this summer is going on holiday and going out with friends. And doing a billion chores everyday. I don’t mind though. It has to be done. So I’ll do it. Omg I forgot to add that I want to improve my cooking skills. Yes I’m doing that aswell. Okay, so many things. I’m scared haha. 

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I haven’t written a post in a really long time. I think I lost myself somewhere along the way this year. I don’t know what happened or how it happened. I just know that I lost myself. I’m trying to find myself again. I hope I do. I hope and pray that I do find myself once more. 


Life delivers

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Throughout this year, I’ve gone through so many different experiences. So weird, its so weird how life changes. I haven’t been blogging much this year :(, and my journal hasn’t been that used either :/.

Well anyway, I’m writing on here to say take risks, face your fears, you might get hurt but you gotta live life. Don’t live in fear, if you want something go after it. If you fail you fail, try again and move on. Experience things, don’t cut your self off of things unless that thing is toxic, and bad for you. 

I felt real happy this year and I have felt like absolute crap, highs and lows, that’s life. Time is ticking so make time for what you want. Small steps each day. Take small steps each day. 


ANOTHER THING: Don’t mind other people too much. I never really minded many people that much and did my own thing, didnt really used to look at how much someone else has done, but this year at the start I felt so intimidated cause I took a peek at other people that seemed to have it all together but tbh no one really has it all together you just go day by day really, but anyway yea…So I felt myself changing and I couldn’t put my finger on it. And now I realise what was happening, I feel back to normal now. Just doing my thaaang, you hear me? 

Do your thaaaaang :)


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Passion really isn’t enough to keep you going. It’s discipline that gets you the progress. 

These days I don’t even watch TV, I just listen to music. I don’t even write? I don’t study. I feel like I’m wasting away. Got to get that discipline in. 

Universities alright. I’m used to it, kind of, it’s definitely different to sixth form. No one looks up to me, or thinks I’m this smart kid, haha. But yea….so basically just gotta get into the second year. That’s my aim and obviously to learn everything as well as I can. I should be doing work right now. 

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The worlds so overwhelming it is. TOO overwhelming. But no matter what I’ll get through this. You’ll get through this. We’ll get through this. Let’s trudge our way through on three…1…2…3…

Toughen up

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Ok, my last post was short and was definitely enough. These things have been going on forever, stupid people. USERS…there in the world everywhere. It just feels like everyone has that insincere smile, and greeting yu gd?. No I’m not because all of you are just putting up a front. I actually don’t have time to be dwelling on this. I should be learning new things, studying striving to be better. Yet I’m caught on this. Why can’t life just be sunshine and rainbows? Why can’t people not only be out for themselves but care about others too? This whole thing is lost on me. I refuse to carry on this insincere crap, I’m going to be on my own studying. Talk to lectures and hopefully get my work done and understand stuff. I actually don’t want to communicate with anyone anymore. So sick of everyone. You’re probably so sick of my posts. I know…I’m being a moody margaret. And yes I’ll admit I wish I had sincere friends. But right now, at University, I don’t. That sucks. That’s life though, I have to get on with it. I am learning, I am studying, I am striving to be better, to do better, to be the best version of me. 

I’m going to toughen up and take what I need to university. No point relying on others. No point wasting time keeping up appearances with other people aswell. Obviously this doesn’t apply to the REAL friends in my life. Anyway. So yea. Basically, I’m done with this rant. I just needed to get that out of my system. 

Oh wait I’M NOT DONE.

ANOTHER THING….I need to stop giving people chances, someone asks for work in a rude way so I don’t send it, and then when we do group work together they don’t reply, and then I carry on talking to them, and messaging them. No. NO SORRY. I shouldn’t have done that. That was bad. That was not good. I’m dont seriously. 

Within the last few lines of The Fault in Our Stars by John Green it says; in life you’re going to get hurt, but you can choose who’s going to hurt you.


It’s so weird though, why are people like this? I don’t understand, can someone tell me why? Seriously? Because people are selfish? Because they’re idiots? I don’t know, they’re losers, not gonna waste my time with them. YET I AM WASTING MY TIME…I NEED TO LET IT GO, and be content. And not have anything against anyone, cause if I do, I’ll regret it. I’m wasting my life on this. Seriously just stop. Lets not hold grudges, lets just keep distances. That’s what I shall do. I’ll keep my distance. Gotta be more wary of people. Seriously…yeaa that’s what I shall do.


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