Ready to get back up

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It’s weird, I’ve gotten through a lot, but recently, I’ve been thinking like wow, i’ve gotten through a lot of crap, and it’s really not good. You shouldn’t really identify yourself as someone who’s going through so much because that kind of puts us in a victim mentality and it gives us an excuse to not do as well as we would.



(sorry if this is mean, it’s really just a reminder for myself)


I quit my job

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Hi All,

So I lasted about 2 months in the previous job role I had, and now I have quit. KAPEET. DONE. OFFICIALLY OVER. Now i’m just looking at life like, what next?

Anyway, so what have I got to say about my old job? HMMMMM….


IT WAS OKAY TBH, the job was aite, data and that, however my manager was a real a hole. For some reason he was out to get me fired from day 1 (or so I think he was). When a mistake happened which was my fault at the time (but just as much his fault for not double checking my work as a new starter), he completely threw me under the bus and said that if I make “one more mistake I’m out”.

So, I went home had a rant, went to my second job had another rant, came home and handed in my notice. To be honest the feedback I got from other people who had worked in the professional environment was that what my manager was doing was wrong. I didn’t think to stay to get rid of him, or to sort him out. I figured I’d just leave, the pay wasn’t that high to cause such a big ruckus tbh.


And now….what am I doing? I guess just living, finally started learning something I’ve always wanted to learn. Went to the gym, getting my life going ya know.

I don’t really write anymore blaaa blaaa blaa ablaaaaaaaa. Anyway, how can I provide you guys with some value?

TOP however many I feel to write RED FLAGS THE COMPANY AINT GOOD

  • not really collaborative, people constantly pushing work around onto other people
  • a lot of passive aggresiveness in the air/tension
  • people not willing to admit to their faults (Always looking to pin the blame on someone else)
  • questions not being answered/welcomed
  • a clear lack of communication between departments

Anyway, this was a scarring experience I’d say. I forgot how mean people were. Just reminded me of uni tbh. Well then at least that’s over and done with. I left with some ££ and experience, so I guess it wasn’t as bad. I’m going to try and apply to another job and hopefully I get it if not meeeh, I’ll apply for more. Okay, that’s it for now on the job front, I really need to get a life ya know. Life isn’t all about work. BLAA BLAA BLAA  IM TURNING INTO A BORING PERSON!! AHHH HELPPP!


So….the first proper job has arrived

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After applying to…I don’t know how many applications and going to quite a few interviews, I finally got a job offer. In something I actually want to do, in a office that seems ultra chic and very cool, very urban and just great all round. I have a lot to learn but at the same time it was all a little overwhelming.

The day off getting the offer, I was left with a tension headache for a few days after, and I think that may have been due to the momentum of the job hunt coming to an abrupt halt. Anyway, it had me really thinking, wow, I better get my life together. Starting a job and all, I need to get more serious with my finances and my financial goals as well as with what I kind of want to do with my life alongside my job. Anything I want to try and do? I don’t know

I can’t believe that this day has actually come, well I haven’t started yet but wowza, I remember really wanting a job at 15 when I first got my NI card, and now I’m entering the job world as a full time employee. Granted the salary was lower than what I wanted especially since I am a so called fancy schmancy “graduate”. I don’t mind too much since I am starting at the bottom and while it is a LOT lower than a lot of the graduate schemes I’ve come across, it’s still quite the opportunity. Sorry if you feel like I’m just writing this post to brag, I kind of am quite private about my accomplishments in real life, and by that I mean in real life as a non-anonymous person.


I never really liked the whole OOOOO I got 11 A* and 7 A posts, I always found them a bit weird. I’m really only writing this kind of for myself, ahhahaha I’m a selfish sally. I guess this is also motivation for others as well. I feel like I’ve come along way, especially through the last couple of years, I totally feel like a different person. I hope it’s a good thing. I liked looking back on my old posts from earlier which is why I’m writing this one here. MEMREEEZZZ THANKS WORDPRESSS sSRSLY U R ZEE BEST <3.

Yea, I feel like I’ve learnt loads in these last few years. Anyway blurrggggghhhhhhhhh


I also watched this film called I think seventeen again, I clicked on it on youtube and it came up, and I watched it. It was great. I could totally relate even though I’m only 21 and the girl was 28. I’ll post the link here. It was a good movie, well I really liked it.


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You know when you want to write, but you don’t know what to write, and you kind of don’t really wanna write whatever cause you don’t want to send garbage out into the internet. Yeah, that’s what I’ve been thinking for a while, and while it’s great putting out great posts all the time, full of magical information that isn’t a waste of your time to read, I’m gnna SOD it. So if at any point you get bored, feel free to leave this post and maybe come again for another, which, hopefully won’t be as boring, or rubbish.

To be honest, I kind of just made this blog for fun over the summer. As a child/young adult I frequently spent my summers online, reading, researching, watching korean dramas and the like. Anyway I haven’t written in what feels like ages, and I think it’s definitely therapeutic for me to do so. Also, I’m hoping to improve upon my english writing, since I’ve noticed I’m quite lacking in that department. ALSSOOOOO, It’s just a good way to kind of stay on track in life and whatnot, and it’s nice to look back and see what stuff I was thinking/writing about when I was younger.

So, my mindset recently has been a bad one which I need to change, and it’s really not good. I never used to think like ooo poor me, blaa blaa blaa. But recently, I’ve noticed it in the back of my mind, I’m blaming my circumstances or external things, which IS NOT GOOD AT ALL. I feel kind of sluggish, I need to take my self accountable for my circumstances regardless of what happens in my life and what not. Doesn’t matter where you come from and what you have, you have enough to succeed. Anyway, so I definitely need to work on my mindset and take more accountability for where I’m at today.

Furthermore; post uni life and my thoughts on it:

After Uni, I felt drained, physically and mentally, it took a while to feel normal again, I completed an Arabic course and started getting physically healthy, and it was great, it was a relief to be away from studying, yet somewhat still studying since, I’ve continued learning new things. I found something that I’m interested in and am now pursuing that as an income source. I’m still coming to grips with a daily routine and try to establish one for myself despite not being in full time employment.

Thing’s that I’ve struggled with; is job desperation, wanting a job so you choose to apply to any and everything (quite bad), finding my place in society, and life.

The thing is with me, Uni became a toxic place, well it became toxic for me, or I was just at a toxic point in my life. A lot of the people I had chosen to surround myself with were not good for me. I’m not necessarily saying they’re bad people, but I know that they’re personalities and mind did not click. Pairing that up with the disappointment I felt in myself for kind of just taking this route because I could instead of really thinking things through and giving myself the opportunity to explore other avenues. I wished I had given myself a year or two, rather than just following the crowd. However, now I’m glad I’ve gone through that experience because I’ve learnt a lot about myself and grown as an individual. People say pain is causes you to grow, it definitely does, well from my experience, as long as you have the right mindset in life it does cause you to grow. However, when your actually experiencing the pain, and going through it, it feels like absolute shit, but on the other side it’s great.

Anyway, one of the fundamental life lessons I’ve learnt through going to University is:

  • Trust your GUT instinct.

Only you know yourself well enough, and sometimes things don’t add up, a lot of the time your gut instinct is screaming out to you, throughout my University years my gut instinct kept on screaming out towards me and I kept on ignoring it, and I guess I didn’t make the best decisions. Looking back, I’ve learnt a life lesson, so now I make it a habit to listen to my gut.


Sometimes it takes a while to explain things, however your gut tells you straight away. It’s important to trust yourself and your instincts.


But yeah that’s my ramblings I guess, for now I want to finish up a course I’ve been completing in order to make myself more employable and work on my skills, so I can perform the job I’m setting out to do well. I’m also, applying to jobs, and trying to change my lifestyle for the better. Currently, I’m reading The Happiness Advantage, it’s non-fiction, so I hope I finish it, I’m also watching Introverted Boss a Korean drama, it’s okay. I want to wait and see how the plot plays out.

I’d love to take up a martial art or a sport, however I just feel like I’m not there yet. I think I should definitely sort out my financials first. Getting rid of that student debt, finding full time employment. I hope I find a fun job with cool people. That’s what I’m hoping for. Kind of exciting ahahahaha, I guess that’s what everyone kind of feels about their first job. Anyway, Hasta Luego! Seee ya later peeps. Have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

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I can’t believe I have had this blog for about 4 years now, that’s crazy. It feels like a 129uy7323897982392 years ago when I first created it after watching Awkward.

This blog was very much about me, ahahah so self centred. Aren’t we kind of all though? We’re all living in our own little bubble of life. Kind of cool. So many different worlds within one world.

I honestly don’t remember how I used to write so much, these days I don’t really feel like writing that much, the writing groove has left me WAAAAAHH.

I just feel like I haven’t got much to say. Currently, I guess I learning Arabic WOO WOO, and self studying towards becoming a Data Scientist, and applying to jobs, and trying to keep fit and active. I guess that’s me at the moment in a nutshell.

I secretly hope to start a business, I have had for some time now, however I need to just find a supplier and see what’s possible with the idea I’m going with. That’s currently not the toppest priority but it definitely is a priority. I want my products to be affordable to most of the population though, so gotta find a cheap but good supplier to see if it’s all possible.

Anyway changing the subject from that, ahh all this social media hype and how marketing is all on social media blaaa blaa blaa, I don’t know if I should hop on and become famous and kind of give my 2 cents of the world or not, at the same time I kind of don’t want to because I don’t think I will ever be ready for fame. That being said, social media could allow me to meet really cool people. HMMMM IDK. I guess I’m gonna have to ponder on it for a little bit more.


I guess it’s not really that serious. Gosh though, life’s real and times a ticking so better carry on with the rest of the day, have a good one guyssss!!

Get Stepping…

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. – Lao Tzu.

Wanting to do everything all at once

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I feel like doing everything all at once. In one day, if I could do it all I would.

In these times, you have just got to tell yourself


“Rome was not build in a day.” – I’m not too sure where that quote is from.