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I can’t believe I have had this blog for about 4 years now, that’s crazy. It feels like a 129uy7323897982392 years ago when I first created it after watching Awkward.

This blog was very much about me, ahahah so self centred. Aren’t we kind of all though? We’re all living in our own little bubble of life. Kind of cool. So many different worlds within one world.

I honestly don’t remember how I used to write so much, these days I don’t really feel like writing that much, the writing groove has left me WAAAAAHH.

I just feel like I haven’t got much to say. Currently, I guess I learning Arabic WOO WOO, and self studying towards becoming a Data Scientist, and applying to jobs, and trying to keep fit and active. I guess that’s me at the moment in a nutshell.

I secretly hope to start a business, I have had for some time now, however I need to just find a supplier and see what’s possible with the idea I’m going with. That’s currently not the toppest priority but it definitely is a priority. I want my products to be affordable to most of the population though, so gotta find a cheap but good supplier to see if it’s all possible.

Anyway changing the subject from that, ahh all this social media hype and how marketing is all on social media blaaa blaa blaa, I don’t know if I should hop on and become famous and kind of give my 2 cents of the world or not, at the same time I kind of don’t want to because I don’t think I will ever be ready for fame. That being said, social media could allow me to meet really cool people. HMMMM IDK. I guess I’m gonna have to ponder on it for a little bit more.


I guess it’s not really that serious. Gosh though, life’s real and times a ticking so better carry on with the rest of the day, have a good one guyssss!!

Get Stepping…

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. – Lao Tzu.

Wanting to do everything all at once

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I feel like doing everything all at once. In one day, if I could do it all I would.

In these times, you have just got to tell yourself


“Rome was not build in a day.” – I’m not too sure where that quote is from.

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I’ve felt like writing for a long time, but I’ve kind of forgotten what I used to write here.

I’m currently in the stage of my life, where I’m looking for employment. I like employers and I don’t like some. Well, to be honest, out of all the employers I have gone to visit, there was only one where I felt like, wow this is an okay place. However I exited the application process because it just wasn’t what I was looking to do, when I thought about it more deeply and researched the role and information to do with the industry, it just wasn’t interesting. Was that a bad move? Who knows? I don’t think it was. Do I regret it? Nope, well not at the moment anyway, will I regret it in the future? Who knows?

Jobs, jobs and job applications? Engineering? Data Analyst? Investment Banker? Lawyer? Teacher? The list is endless? Or isit? You really have to sell yourself and think of ways you can impact there company. I mean there are so many other people out there, all applying for that position or one of the positions, so why you? You have to chase these corporations and ask them to give you a chance. It becomes tiring. It does, and now I’m at a point again, well I feel like I constantly get here. Where I’m questioning; what do I want out of life? How do I want to spend my days?


Those are the kinds of questions I ask, am I doing everything I want to be doing? That is when I think I should write. Write it all out, and so here I am.

I definitely want to finish off paying back my student loan and get my finances in order and all that jazz, so I definitely need an income. Income is not the question. How about I go in obtaining that income is. How much income do I need yearly  to obtain my goals and live a fulfilling life. That is the question.

Anyway, I’m gonna stay positive and keep looking. Also, will start exploring other avenues, and being more proactive. I hope for the best.


Definitely will try and get back into my writing groove. Definitely will try that out again.

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I guess I feel like I just need to write. Recently, I’ve been overwhelmed and unemployed. Not sure when those two have been put together? I don’t really know what I’m aiming for career wise. I have found a few that I am interested in, but I’m constantly questioning whether it would be for me? What would be the outcome, and whatnot. But I guess that’s just a part of life. You never really know what is right until you go and try it out. So I’m going to carry on going and try and get a feel for the company and whatnot and see how it goes.

What did I used to ramble on about in my posts?????????? I used to have so much to say, or maybe I still do it’s just that the words aren’t flowing.

Anyway, maybe I’ll try writing a bit more later. hmmmmmmmm…..

What am I doing? Why am I doing this?

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Hey Blogger Readers,


So anyway, Whats new with me? I guess I’m just on another adventure in life. Having finished my Physics degree. I am currently looking for employment. However I FEEL LOST, well less lost than before. What I’ve found myself doing for the past day and a bit is applying to things that I’m really not that interested in. Not at all.

I want to experience tech really. I started teaching myself some Java but besides that, I haven’t done much else. I feel to save up for a masters and then go back to university to study Computer Science but at the same time I’d rather work and pay off my student loan debt. I don’t know. Why am I applying for Consultancy jobs when I’m really not that interested in them? Do I want to climb down the rabbit hole of despair and misery and question if I like something or not again?

The thing is at University I actually enjoyed studying Physics but at the same time I was slightly bummed out because I was unsure if the decision was mine and not my parents or somebody else’s. I don’t know maybe its just a thing with me. I just feel better knowing that I whole heartedly chose this and wanted to do this. At the same time if your enjoying it why does it matter? I think it’s important to be in control of your own life. You should be the one making the decisions and calling the shots to an extent. But yeah, I did like learning Physics it was very fascinating. However now I look to employment so I can pay off my loan, save up for korea and develop as a human being.


I haven’t written in here in ages. I guess I should do more often. I don’t know why I’ve been delaying employment so much well I guess I do know. It’s because even though certain jobs are out there, they are not jobs that I want. I guess I only fully have one job that I want to do. So I should work towards that. I definitely need to find some temporary role for the timebeing, and work on the techy stuff part time I guess. Got to get some £££ flow, ya know what I’m saying.


It’s really important to stop and think and take the time to say to yourself. Hang on a minute do I really want to go there? Do I really want to enter the Finance Sector….errrr no. I mean I’ve probably said “I don’t want to go into the Finance sector.” So MANY times. Silly me. What else is new????????


Finished University

Applied to some jobs.

Went to an interview and totally messed it up.

Began my Arabic Class so I can have some structured Arabic learning YYAAAY.

Didn’t complete focus 25, and joint the gym (I have been a couple of times, and will continue to do so…hopefully)

Trying to read the economist. It really isn’t sticking though, so I might just leave that behind. I need to stick to doing things that interest me, or I might end up 5  years down the line looking around and thinking bloody ell how did I get here.


Life really just keep on ticking, so I guess you just gotta do something you are interested in. And make money aswell, well get some kind of cash flow going. Tough decisions. Guess I’m ruling out those two applications.

Feel the care and do it anyway.

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I kind of forgot that we all are in control of our lives, and people can only get you down if you let them! I totally forgot about this one little tiny thing. Don’t give your power away, learn to not let your circumstances or things bring you down. Have hope things will get better because they sure do.

Anyway I kind of just wrote this post because I felt like writing, something I haven’t felt like doing in a while, and when I last did feel like writing the words wouldn’t/couldn’t seem to be typed. I recommend not caring what other people think, because 99% of the time they aren’t thinking about you.

And for that 1% – do what you want and say what you feel because those that mind dont matter and those that matter dont mind. – quote from dr seuss I think.

It’s easy to talk about but hard to apply in a real life setting. I feel like it’s a constant battle, and also kind of like feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Caring about others people’s opinions but doing what your heart is set on anyway (purely in a chasing a dream kind of way, not in a running off with your best friends boyfriend kind of way. That’s bad.)