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Check yourself sometimes, because when you do things wrong over and over again, it can really cause you to be in a slum. Reflect on you’re actions and how you were probably perceived. Make sure you’re polite and appreciative of any help you receive. Thank those that have helped you.

It’s just something I’ve thought today. Power through whatever you’re currently working on! We can get through this. Don’t worry. Learn from mistakes.

Surround yourself with appreciative, positive, lovely people that genuinely like you and are happy for your successes. It’s sometimes hard to identify who’s who and sometimes people change but I guess it’s a constant challenge.

Love yourself. Take care of yourself because you are important.

Just ramblingssss

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I kind of don’t really know what to write on here anymore. I don’t know, it’s like I don’t feel free with my posts anymore. I feel like somehow someone will find out I’ve written all these posts so better watch my tongue, or sometimes I’m being too negative or too mean or too sad or too weird I don’t know. I just don’t really feel free with my writing anymore. Is this writing? It is isn’t it?

Anyway so yea I’m just gonna go about writing random stuff like I used to AGEEESS AGO and yea, so ermm whats happened in the last idk? week? month? year? Well, I’m still studying towards a bachelors, something I ENDED UP DOING. I kind of regret going in some ways but in others ways I don’t. Sure, I didn’t have the party experience at uni, or lived it up, Uni was a mixture of things for me. Last year was probably one of the toughest years in my life, it was tough academically but I wasn’t really talking about it being tough academically. More tough on a personal level, and looking back I got through all that! Like it’s kind of crazy but I learnt that if you just keep going in life, stick out the tough times and good will come. Sure everythings not completely amazing, I mean when isit ever? I guess there are those moments where you just sit back and you are like this is amazing but it’s not a constant. Aren’t the bad times just there so you can appreciate the good? Anyway back to university, I’ve learnt a lot, personally, about life and whatnot just through my little weird experience. In some ways I regret it because I know that at the time I wasn’t fully ready to go to university I wasn’t really you know 100% sure if was the right decision, well most of the time you never really know you’re normally unsure, never really 100% but yea I wasn’t say 80% sure. And I regret not giving university a try, by that I mean trying out life without attending university first. If that makes any sense?

All in all, I see university as a place to go if you have the means, however I feel like it’s not a be all end all. Make sure you are studying what you want to study and make sure you study it! It’s easy to get by and not learn anything or even much. I am glad I am studying the course I am studying well about 80% glad, I know there are things now that seem a little more appealing and interesting and cool but that’s probably because I want to know it all. Ahahahahaha.

Yea so that’s that. Onto other things. Errrrmmmmm……I can drive WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWO…But again I need to like become a “fluent” driver. By that I mean I want to become confident enough to drive to wherever and back. I’m thankful and grateful that now I have a vehicle I can use to take me to TESCO AT LEAST WOOOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOOO. FOOOOOOD…..YUMMM.

Talking about food, do people just spontaneously become interested in cooking? Well, I guess I’ve always thought cooking was cool, I mean c’mon taking vegetables and maybe some meat and putting them together with spices to make something DELICIOUS AND WONDERFUL AND YUMMY….CMON EVERYONE SHOULD AT LEAST TRY COOKING. But yea, I’m kinda interested in cooking….but sadly I don’t have much time so I’m aiming to make at least one dinneryy dish a month, just to get started of course.

It’s actually kinda scary that these days I feel like I don’t really have much time when next year (hopefully) I might have a job and probably will have even more less time but I feel like it’ll be different. Ya know, work will at least be within a specific window right? One window for work. Anyway, so yea…ahhh speaking of work, I’ve got a new new a brand new job. Started as a customer service assistant, takes up a chunk of my weekend but so far so good. Ya know, I’m really grateful I got the role. REAL GRATEFUL! 8) Especially with the memories of me looking for a job.

It’s been a real real real real real real real real long time since I felt like writing like this. Like literally ages…ooo charger needed.

I don’t know writing is kinda nice, reading is too. I’m gonna leave it at that.¬†wowowowowowowowoooo

Try and enjoy everything in life.

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Just enjoy everything you’re doing, and if you’re really not enjoying what you’re doing change it up. Never feel like you’re trapped doing something you don’t want to do, there is always a way out. Make the life you want, and enjoy the process in getting there. Just be positive, forget negative things and people and just enjoy life.

All the little things that you like doing, do them!

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I really wanna visit Korea. Thought I’d write that here! :)

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You are you. There is no other you. Take care of yourself. I just wanted to write that down.

How to take a chill pill

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Ok, so I went back to university and for some reason even though lectures havent started I’m so stressed and nervous. I thought I was taking life one day at a time but I guess not. I really need to just stop.

ALSO DO SOME PEOPLE GIVE YOU ANXIETY? Cause certain people do that to me. Well, I guess right now it’s a group of people I feel that weren’t that very nice to me. To be honest I really just want to go about my life and not interact with them and it’s my life and I can choose who I want to talk to and who I don’t. So yea, anyway that happened. I need to remain positive. I feel these days I’m slowly becoming a Moody Margaret.

Trying not to care about stuff, but it’s hard. I do care about university and my education but it just feels like my university is messing me about ya know. I don’t really know why. They seem like they’re all over the place, but I guess they probably ARE all over the place. It’s not good for a university to be like that. Very unprofessional.

Anyway I’m listening to All about me the song in bratz. HAHAHAHA. Gosh, this song was much better than the bratz song in the movie (soz bratz). It’s all about meeeeeee.

DE STRESSSSSS Don’t even write the s-word. I feel like it causes more s-word. I don’t know. W

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I should probably just write something here cause yaknow, its been ages and I haven’t updated it. I went abroad to my “home” country. Its in speech marks cause I technically didn’t grow up there and wasn’t born there, but its a “home” country since my parents did. It was okay, despite the various complains I did complain about to my family members. I wouldn’t mind going again but hopefully more prepared.

Anyway, so yea I’m back and now I have to go back to university, except I really don’t want to. I feel like a totally different person at university. TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Like I don’t know my personality shrinks to a microgram Idk what it is. I just feel so different there and I don’t like the feeling, but I have a whole year there. I want to just go and feel normal. I don’t know if…actually YES THAT WILL HAPPEN. I HAVE TO BELIEVE IN MYSELF.

Tommorow I will go in and I will be fine. I will find out about my courses and leave and come home have some yummy food and possibly organise my closet and do some laundry. AND THATS THAT QUIT THE THINKING. DON’T OVERTHINK JUST GO GO GO.


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