How to take a chill pill

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Ok, so I went back to university and for some reason even though lectures havent started I’m so stressed and nervous. I thought I was taking life one day at a time but I guess not. I really need to just stop.

ALSO DO SOME PEOPLE GIVE YOU ANXIETY? Cause certain people do that to me. Well, I guess right now it’s a group of people I feel that weren’t that very nice to me. To be honest I really just want to go about my life and not interact with them and it’s my life and I can choose who I want to talk to and who I don’t. So yea, anyway that happened. I need to remain positive. I feel these days I’m slowly becoming a Moody Margaret.

Trying not to care about stuff, but it’s hard. I do care about university and my education but it just feels like my university is messing me about ya know. I don’t really know why. They seem like they’re all over the place, but I guess they probably ARE all over the place. It’s not good for a university to be like that. Very unprofessional.

Anyway I’m listening to All about me the song in bratz. HAHAHAHA. Gosh, this song was much better than the bratz song in the movie (soz bratz). It’s all about meeeeeee.

DE STRESSSSSS Don’t even write the s-word. I feel like it causes more s-word. I don’t know. W

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I should probably just write something here cause yaknow, its been ages and I haven’t updated it. I went abroad to my “home” country. Its in speech marks cause I technically didn’t grow up there and wasn’t born there, but its a “home” country since my parents did. It was okay, despite the various complains I did complain about to my family members. I wouldn’t mind going again but hopefully more prepared.

Anyway, so yea I’m back and now I have to go back to university, except I really don’t want to. I feel like a totally different person at university. TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Like I don’t know my personality shrinks to a microgram Idk what it is. I just feel so different there and I don’t like the feeling, but I have a whole year there. I want to just go and feel normal. I don’t know if…actually YES THAT WILL HAPPEN. I HAVE TO BELIEVE IN MYSELF.

Tommorow I will go in and I will be fine. I will find out about my courses and leave and come home have some yummy food and possibly organise my closet and do some laundry. AND THATS THAT QUIT THE THINKING. DON’T OVERTHINK JUST GO GO GO.

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Just thought I’d write to say, I’m enjoying this sunny weather. I really appreciate it. Plus I needed to keep up to date with this blog. Needs to post moressssss and moress ahaha.

THE AIR IS LOVELY. THE SKY IS LOVELY. ITS A LOVELY DAY…and now I’m off to do some laundry. 8)

Blogging Again

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SO Foriegnnnn…bloggging again. AHHH okay. so yea hmmmmmmmm

So my blogs been kinda a downer or maybe it always is or maybe its not idk, but I was reading my posts and I definitely noticed a trend in downerness in the last two years. WELL yea I think thats cause I finally went through that whole phase of changing yourself so that other people would accept you, except I didn’t really change too much, but I tried to portray a image to people who really didn’t even notice I was even portraying an image. (OKAY THATS SAD IM GNNA STOP WITH THE SAD NONSENSE NOW.) Or I kinda held a big part of my personality back because I just knew I would be judged.

I just wanted to write that cause I want to let you know that you should be yourself no matter what (as long as no one else is getting harmed from you being yourself, just thought I’d add that in just incase a serial killer is reading this, idk random thought, my brains weird). Cause at the end of the day you’ll love yourself for it and who cares if the world doesnt cause ultimately what you think of yourself matters the most. You are the leader of you’re life & why wouldn’t you want to fell good about you!

I’m not really sure what I want to write about. I feel like I should write though. I haven’t been consistent with this blog but self reflection is so important. Keeps you in check. Stops the inner demon from taking over ahaha.

My newest endeavour is to loosen up and not take everything so seriously. Just chill take a chill pill, a much needed chill. Things will get done but always to remember not to give myself such a hard time, and appreciate all things, especially the little things. Just take care of myself and de stress.


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Try and make exercising the no. 1 thing to do every day before you start your day. It just feels so great and hopefully it’ll help you focus.

Need to write

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No matter what you just gotta keep going, don’t let anyone make you feel inferior. Everyone is equal, people have different talents, some are better at something than you, or worse at something than you? SO WHAT? Doesn’t mean anyone is actually better than you, we’re all human beings. All human. THE END.

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i don’t know why, but things just feel surreal. The stress seems to have vanished temporarily. I feel different. I like what I’m doing at the moment. Okay I love it, I love learning, and I’m really appreciating it. This opportunity to learn like this is not going to be around forever. I like learning at university. Sure I don’t actually learn stuff in lectures but I like learning at home, and I’m actually excited. The challenge is I’ve got to learn and be mentally prepared for exams, otherwise all of this will come to a sad end.

And….there’s still so much I want to do…

– learn language

– travel

– become financially stable

– set up a business of some kind something I’d enjoy doing

– find a career that I’d actually enjoy pursuing, one where I’m excited to get up everyday and pays okay.

I was actually thinking of research recently, that’d be interesting and fun, and just all around good. I don’t know though, it doesn’t really allow the flexibility to do that many other things then, well I don’t think it does. I’d definitely like to check it out see how it is. It’d be interesting.

One thing I’d like to leave with everyone or anyone reading this is, appreciate everyday and try and be kind to everyone. Sometimes you never know who you’re going to meet. There’s so many different people in life who’ve lived totally different lives so it’s always nice to have conversations with others and just see how they are.

There’s opportunity everyday, every minute and in every second. There’s an opportunity in every second of our lives, how we decide to spend that second is very important. Try and make the best use out of your time. I’m working on my time too.

Sometimes we get too caught up in looking back or forward in time, just try and be present in every second. Find something you love doing and do it everyday.


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